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A visit to the local Playground is one of the best ways to fill in the morning or afternoon with an outdoor activity.

When building this website, I spent approximately 12 months researching and sourcing all the Blue Mountains Playgrounds. I am proud of the detailed and comprehensive directory that we have built.

I wanted this directory to be as informative as possible, so I visited each and every playground to take photos and gather information to create the pages in as much detail as I have. So my children and I have been to each and every one of the 55  Blue Mountains Playgrounds that I have listed.

Based on our experience of these Playgrounds I have chosen a Top 10.

I have listed each below with a little description as to why we like them.

#10 St Johns Playground in Blaxland.

This Playground is fairly suited to all 3 of my children, with a few different playground constructions. Simple enough for my 2 yr old, yet offers enough for my 7 yr old also. Having the basketball court close also means there is the option of bikes/scooters- provided there are no games on. There are toilets on site, though depending on when you are there, may not be open.

For more info, including a map, photos and relevant details click here: St Johns Park- Blaxland

#9 Mt Riverview Playground

This little gem, tucked away in Mt Riv is a good one for most ages. Though perhaps a bit too simple for my 7yr old. Fully enclosed to catch those runners-still with room to run. Toilets on site and in a quiet location. Great place to meet up with some friends and let the kids run about and play. There is a hall on site also that can be hired, perfect place for a party if you were looking for venues.

For more information including a map, pictures and relevant details click here: Mt Riverview Playground

Hinkler Park Katoomba

#8 Hinkler Park, Katoomba

My children are always excited when we pull up to this playground. The stone mountain with a tunnel is probably the favourite, and provides imaginative play for all 3 of them. Followed closely by the Aeroplane. I also like that there are more than 2 swings- because waiting in line for the swing is no fun for me. (Though last time I visited some of the swings were being fixed.) I like that this park is fully enclosed with toilets on site. We will often retreat here after some shopping, with something from the bakery to sit and enjoy at one of the benches.

For more Info including a map, pictures and relevant details click here: Hinkler Park, Katoomba

#7 Wilson Park, Lawson

This Playground is a regular destination over summer especially, as we visit the pool as well as the playground. But even without a swim, this park is enjoyed by all my kids. The Playgrounds itself is fairly basic, and perhaps a little too simple for my 7yr old and not simple enough for my 2 yr old. However the draw is the space behind the playground that features a winding stream, bridge, stone work and a pretty waterfall at the end. In Autumn the trees are beautiful. Toilets on site, semi fenced and a lovely quiet space. If you are feeling adventurous you could also drive a bit further down behind the pools to do a bushwalk.

For more information including a map, pictures and relevant detail click here: Wilsons Park, Lawson

Melrose Playground & Skate Park Katoomba

#6 Melrose Playground, Katoomba

The most exciting part of this park, is the small skate park. It is the thing that sets this park apart. All 3 of my children enjoy rolling around in there. The play equipment is a little too big for my youngest, so needs a little helicopter parenting here, but my older 2 really enjoy it. Lots of open fields to kick a ball or fly a kite. There are toilets on site, though not always open.

For more Information including a map, pictures and relevant details click here: Melrose Playground, Katoomba

#5 Wilson Park, Wentworth Falls

The biggest draw to this park is that it is attached to the popular Charles Darwin walk- which is also one of the most child friendly bush walks in the Blue Mountains. The playground itself is a little too grown up for my youngest at 2yrs old. But being a 3rd child he is still intent on keeping up. There is enough park land to play with a ball or kite, and some large trees that allow you to sneak into the dense lower branches and let imagination dictate the play. Also close to the shops, so we can grab a coffee first and walk/drive over.

For more information including a map, pictures and other relevant details click here: Wilson Park, Wentworth Falls For more information on Charles Darwin Walk click here: Charles Darwin Walk

#4 Memorial Park, Mt Victoria

This Playground is huge. Which is one of my favourite features as well as its most annoying feature (Picture kids wanting to run in different directions). There are a few different Play constructions, suited to different ages- so all my children can enjoy playing here. There is lots of room to run about, kick a ball or fly a kite. Toilets are on site, not too far from the equipment. There are extra swings, which I Love- because my boys don’t do so great at waiting in line for the swing. Shops are close also. For such a big park with so much to offer, it is quiet and perhaps a bit undiscovered, but worth a trip up.

For more information including a map, pictures and relevant details click here: Memorial Park, Mt Victoria

#3 Jubilee Park, Blackheath

Another unsung Hero, this park is fantastic. The play equipment in itself is great for most ages including extra swings, which I Love. But there are also sweet little paths and gardens that extend the play outside of the play equipment- so many little games can be created here. Small children could probably ride a small ride on or scooter here. There is enough space to run and play, with an oval close by also. Toilets on site, which is almost a must.

For more information including maps, pictures and relevant details click here: Jubilee Park, Blackheath

#2 Wentworth Falls Lakes

This was almost our #1, and perhaps it was mine more than the children, because I just love this place. 2 Playgrounds for the kids at different parts on the Park. Paths that meander through the parkland, often have children riding and scooting along them. The ducks waddling about will give young children so much fun, and in summer a little shallow paddle in the ankle deep waters is almost unavoidable for my children. There are walks available around the lake if you are interested in that and the views are just gorgeous no matter where you are. Smaller children will adore the Pirate ship- an obvious source of great imaginative play. Toilets are on site. Shops close enough to pick up a coffee or something to put on the BBQ for lunch.

For more information including a map, pictures and relevant detail click here: Wentworth Falls Lakes

#1 Memorial Park, Blackheath

For those that have visited this park, you will agree this was an obvious choice. This park really does have everything. There are several Playgrounds areas in the Park, including the Iconic Red Rocket ship, recently restored to the Playground. There are climbing sculptures, equipment for both younger and older children. Swings, a pond, a swimming pool in summer, BBQs and So much space to run around on. The biggest downfall to this park is the toilets. While there are some on site they are quite a way from the Playground areas. A trip to the ‘Rocket Park’ is always met with excitement from my children. Pack a picnic, pick up a coffee at the shops on the way and make a day out of it.

For more Information including a map, pictures (rocket ship not yet photographed for the website) and relevant details click here: Memorial Park, Blackheath

These are just 10 of the 55 Playgrounds we have listed on the Website.

Click below to look at the other 45:

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Hope this helps you in finding fun new places to visit with your family. We would love you to et us know what you think and leave a review of the parks for others to see.



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