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If your kids are like mine, an invitation to go out for ice cream is a very exciting idea!

There are definitely days when I dont feel I can conjure the energy to get out and do much, yet I do want to get out and do something. On these days the offer of simply going out to get an icecream is always approved by my children, especially in, but not limited to, the Summer Holidays.

These are some of our favourite places to go for an Ice cream treat in the Blue Mountains. The kind of icecream that you get scooped into a cone and maybe even have the option of topping…that kinda ice cream experience!

I have also added a few ideas of how you could flesh out the trip to something more if you wanted to.

2773 Cafe- Glenbrook, if the icecream wasn’t enough there is a delicious menu to dine off and a kids play area fitted out with a playground and even chickens on site.

Dolly Doughnuts- Glenbrook, Icecream and doughnuts- need we say more. Located close to a few playgrounds, you could combine the sugar with some play.

Lovebites- Wentworth Falls, A cafe with delicious gelato stand running certain days of the week- so check before coming. This cafe also has a lovely little playground, so the kids can play and work off the sugar.

Josephans Chocolate Shop-Leura. In the main mall adjacent to the famous chocolate shop, there is an icecream bar, with some select seating. A nice reason to break from shopping.

Blue Mountains Chocolate Shop- Katoomba, While being close to some lovely lookout options, if you wanted to just stay put, they have play equipmentin the garden for the kids to play on while you sit on the deck.

Milk Bar- The Lookout- Echo Point- Katoomba, Located just on the skirts of Echo point, you can enjoy your icecream with a view of the 3 sisters.

Pavillion Cafe ay Hydro Majestic- Mellow Bath You can sit on the balcony of the Pavillion and take in the spectacular views that people come from far and wide to see.

Ellie Bellys Dessert Bar- Blackheath, This quaint cafe has such a great vibe. It also has an upstairs area with some puzzles and games should you wish tosit awhile.

A few Ideas that might add to your Date with the Icecream Bar. If you are at:

2773 Cafe and Dolly Doughnuts are both located in Glenbrook.

You can check out a variety of other things to do in Glenbrook HERE IN HIS BLOG. Our favourite would definitely include a Visit to the Playground close to both  2773 Cafe and Dolly Doughnuts, or come on the 1st or 3rd Saturday of the Month to catch the Glenbrook Rotary Markets.

LoveBites in Wentworth Falls:

You can check out a variety of options for things you can do as a family in Wentworth Falls HERE IN THIS BLOG. Our favourite without a doubt is a trip to Wentworth Falls Lake, just a little walk or drive from the cafe. There are 2 playgrounds to choose from, opportunity to do a short walk, see ducks and maybe dip your feet in the lake if the weather is right.

Josophans Chocolate Shop in Leura

Located in the Village on the Main Street, the famous chocolate store also offer delicious icecream. While in Leura, if you are looking for more to do with the kids, look HERE IN THIS BLOG. You could get an icecream on your way to Bloom Park– a short walk down the road, or maybe get back in the car and venture to Leura Cascades.

Blue Mountains Chocolate Company, and Milk Bar-The Lookout, are both located in Katoomba and close to Echo Point.

For a variety of family friendly options in Katoomba you can look HERE IN THIS BLOG. A favourite thing for us to do would definitely be to walk up to Echo point and visit the 3 sisters, it doesn’t get old no matter how many times we see them. We might even add in a bushwalk like Prince Henry Cliff Walk, which you can make as long or short as you would like.

Pavillion at the Hydro Majestic in Mellow Bath:

The Pavillion offers light food and a beautiful gift shop, but the best thing about it is the View! Located in the Hydro Majestic building, opposite the BoilerHouse and car park, you can simply sit and take in the stunning views of the valley. You could also take a quick drive across the highway to This Medlow Bath Playground

Ellie Bellys in Blackheath:

This has become a family favourite for us. This quaint cafe has such a lovely vibe and delicious ice cream options.If you are coming up to Blackheath, two of my favourite playgrounds are located here for you to check out Jubilee Park or the newly updated Memorial Park. If its a hot day, you could plan for a trip to Blackheath Pool too.


As always, I hope this helps inspire you to get out as a family and enjoy our lovely Blue Mountains. And, hopefully makes it feel a bit more achievable.

Let me know if I have missed a great Ice Cream destination. I would hate to be missing out.


Much Love,

Rachel xx


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