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Back to School Checklist

By Family, Children, Inspiration

Yes… it is happening.

It is indeed almost the end of January.

No more denying it, school is almost back.

Some of you might even be getting ready for school, preschool, daycare for the first time. Exciting and Scary.

I have an excited little girl going into Year 1, and an almost excited little boy starting at preschool, So I am starting to get into the zone and thought I would create and share a checklist. Read More

‘Twas the Night of 5 Linen Changes

By Children, Mum life, Real life
This is story from a while back- that I can now laugh at, my oh my at the time was it awful!

My husband travels a bit for work, and so we were just returning from dropping him at the airport. He had been unwell the days prior to leaving with a stomach bug so I had been on the watch for signs and symptoms in anyone else. None until NOW!

When…. It happened… halfway down the M5, at 4.30pm- yep traffic- My darling daughter…’mummy my tummy hurts’ Read More

Speech and Language Development

By Children, Real life, Health
It’s an honour to be asked to write a guest blog for “Out of the Nest.” Like all of us, I’m constantly learning and adjusting how I parent my own children. I’m also constantly learning as a professional, as new research becomes available and improving my clinical practice. What follows, are a few insights that have come from working as a Speech Language Pathologist for the past eleven years that I hope you will find helpful. Read More

To Shower or not to Shower?

By Children, Home Life, Mum life

To shower or not to shower? This is the question.

It shouldn’t be a question, but it is, right? I never fully understood why this would be difficult when you have children. I heard mothers complain about not showering for days and pre-mum me thought, “How hard is it to quickly jump in the shower—really?” But, yes, it is. Read More