The Emotional Upgrade of Motherhood

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The physiology of motherhood fascinates me. This is likely why I became a Midwife. There are so many things that happen in your body when you give birth that affect you immediately and in the long term. Here is just one example that is relevant for most mums and the overwhelm we are feeling right now, no matter how old your children are. Read More


Pregnant?…How to choose your model of Care.

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Choosing your Pregnancy: Birth and Postpartum Care

So, you’re pregnant. Now what? Thinking about where you will give birth and who will support you during your pregnancy is an important decision and raises a number of questions. How do you approach it? What are the options available for me? What are my values around this birth? I want to spend the next two blogs trying to shed some light on these questions. Read More

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How to Simplify Diets and find some Freedom

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What every woman should know about food and health. You CAN find joy!

This blog is for all those women who are just overwhelmed and confused with food advice. I’m writing this because working out what ‘being healthy‘ means, when there is just so much advice out there can be enough to send a woman into a state of imbalance. In so many ways.

Read More

Eating & Moving my Body as Reward not Punishment

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Punishing your body

I’ll be honest with you, I don’t always like what I see in the mirror. You may relate. Both motherhood and ageing have changed my body, it is different. I find myself at times struggling with this and, in previous years, I have definitely let myself develop a negative mindset about it. I know you know what I mean, this is after all a big problem in our society. I read that approximately 91% of women are unhappy with their bodies. So, I’m guessing a lot of you feel like I do. Read More