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Gift Ideas for your Childs Teacher

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This is for those who like to gift your children’s teachers at Christmas Time. There is certainly no obligation to do so, but I know that for some it is their absolute Joy to gift at Christmas.

After all- our teachers do a wonderful job! A gesture of appreciation in whatever form it comes is a lovely thing to demonstrate to our children when possible. Read More

‘Twas the Night of 5 Linen Changes

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This is story from a while back- that I can now laugh at, my oh my at the time was it awful!

My husband travels a bit for work, and so we were just returning from dropping him at the airport. He had been unwell the days prior to leaving with a stomach bug so I had been on the watch for signs and symptoms in anyone else. None until NOW!

When…. It happened… halfway down the M5, at 4.30pm- yep traffic- My darling daughter…’mummy my tummy hurts’ Read More

21 years and 5 minutes

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My eldest son of 21 D.J. (short for Daniel Joshua), got married a few months ago. To say that I am still adjusting to my new reality is understating the situation. We absolutely adore his wife Chelsea, but as his Mother, I wrestle with the notion of him being married. Not because I mind him being married… but because 5 minutes ago he was a baby. Read More