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Jubilee Park Blackheath

My Top Ten Playgrounds in the Blue Mountains

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A visit to the local Playground is one of the best ways to fill in the morning or afternoon with an outdoor activity.

When building this website, I spent approximately 12 months researching and sourcing all the Blue Mountains Playgrounds. I am proud of the detailed and comprehensive directory that we have built.

I wanted this directory to be as informative as possible, so I visited each and every playground to take photos and gather information to create the pages in as much detail as I have. So my children and I have been to each and every one of the 55  Blue Mountains Playgrounds that I have listed.

Based on our experience of these Playgrounds I have chosen a Top 10.

I have listed each below with a little description as to why we like them.

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Autumn Bucket List 2019

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Autumn is a season of slowing down, savoring, and being more fully present in our everyday. As nature slows down and prepares for deep rest, it gives us permission to do so too. Simple things become moments of joy and as we relish cooler weather and the onset of cosy textures, tastes and smells. There is a contentment to be found as we slow and savor, realising the treasure in what we already have. There are so many things our family relishes during autumn, it really is a feast for the senses and definitely our favourite season. Here is some inspiration for you, i hope you enjoy all the glorious gifts of autumn!
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Just getting out the door can be SOOO hard.

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I recently had a friend over, she has 3 girls- all over 8yrs old now.

I walked her up to the car and said our goodbyes… I then watched as the girls opened their doors, got in their seats, buckled themselves up and closed their doors…. I mean this took less than 10 seconds for my friend and her children to be in the car ready to go. I sighed with envy! Read More