Bootcamp with Health Tree Nutrition

Mum can get moving while the kids are supervised- WIN.
If you are looking for an activity for yourself, but having to facilitate the kids makes it just too hard- this might be perfect for you.
Our bootcamp babies have a lovely time in the park supervised and entertainment by our qualified child carers. Our classes differ from traditional “mums and bubs” as we provide childcare in a seperate space. Sporting our wonderful bootcamp babies T-Shirts. All while Mum gets a work out with other Mums in the beautiful outdoors.

When: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday Hazelbrook 9.30-10.30am.

Where: Gloria Park Oval, Hazelbrook

Cost: $17 per session inc childcare for 1 child

Contact: Sarah 0422052080, follow them on facebook at Health Tree & Fit-Nest


Lester Avenue, Hazelbrook

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