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Forever Loved form

Below is a form that will assist us in acknowledging the little life you carried on our Forever Loved Wall. I appreciate that for some of you there may not be many details, so please do not be intimidated by these questions. You can provide as much or as little as you have or want to.

If you have lost your baby in early pregnancy then you are unlikely to have much more than a family name, but that is all you need. It can even be a nickname if that’s more sentimental to you. We have listed this as a required field only so that you can locate your inscription more easily once it’s placed on the wall. You can also choose a colour to help personalise your inscription a bit more. You may not know gender but just choose a colour that resonates with you.

It is an honour to join you in acknowledging this little life that is forever loved.

Forever Loved
This will not show with your inscription
(optional) Date of birth / Due date / Date of loss
(optional) This will show with your inscription. Parents / Siblings / Family
Background colour