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Hot Chocolate in the Blue Mountains

By Out with Children, Blue Mountains Experience, Inspiration

The weather is indeed getting cooler and the invitation for hot chocolate is definitely becoming more enticing.  

My family quite like to go out for the sole purpose of enjoying a Hot Chocolate. So, I thought I would create a list of some places in the Blue Mountains that lend themselves to being a ‘Hot chocolate destination’ in the hopes it may help you get Out of the Nest.

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Why connect with your child and family nurse?

By Family, Health, Womens Health

Why engage with your Child and Family Health Nurse Service?

Maybe it is because I too work in health, but I truly value this service and have benefited several times from being connected.

I received my first Blue Book with my daughter almost 12 years ago, then keenly accepted the offer for the local child and family health service to come and visit us. I benefited from the knowledge and support greatly as a new Mother, and even now having 4 children I still benefit from engaging with this service and I think almost everyone would.

So, I wanted to share a bit about how I used the service and how you might benefit from it also. Read More

Day trip Inspiration in the Blue Mountains

By Out with Children, Blue Mountains Experience, Supporting Blue Mountains

It is easier said than done to get ‘Out of the Nest’ isn’t it. It is my goal to try and make it just a little bit easier.

I thought I would compile some ideas for local Day trips that you can do as a family.

I have looked at several suburbs in our beautiful Blue Mountains and included all my favourite places to visit when I am there.

I have based my inspiration on Places to Eat, Play, Walk, Shop and any extras I can think of.

Most destinations have the option of public transport which in itself can make the trip more fun for the kids.

Some of these ideas are simple, maybe geared to a mid week trip with young children. Others are more involved, filling out a whole day. Hopefully something for everyone.

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