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Welcome to Out of the Nest, a place where you can discover more about life and family in the Blue Mountains. Our passion is to help create strong families that create strong communities.


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Our local communities are filled with opportunity for connection, support, and, most importantly, coffee! Search your suburb here to see where your local family friendly destinations are and what they offer.


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Parenting is both a Joy and a struggle. In this space, we aim to validate and empower you on the journey we all share–a journey that is real, raw, and honest. Here, we also aim to support you and share insight that will (hopefully) bring some strength … and, of course, some smiles.


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Here you can find out a bit more about who we are, the vision behind why Out of the Nest exists, and how you can be involved.

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Getting out to explore the Blue Mountains with your family is time well spent. Here, you will find what’s on in and around the Mountains for you and your children to see and enjoy.

Forever Loved

Babies we lost stay in our hearts forever.

This is a page where we can honour the brief time we carried them, because they were here.

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I am yelling at you, but I am really angry at me!

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Having a Baby in the Blue Mountains?

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