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The weather is indeed getting cooler and the invitation for hot chocolate is definitely becoming more enticing.  

My family quite like to go out for the sole purpose of enjoying a Hot Chocolate. So, I thought I would create a list of some places in the Blue Mountains that lend themselves to being a ‘Hot chocolate destination’ in the hopes it may help you get Out of the Nest.

Our #1 Favourite Hot chocolate destination is- Blue Mountains Chocolate Company

Located in Katoomba, just a short walk from Echo Point, you can experience drinking hot chocolate in a really special way. You have the option of melting your own hot chocolate, with a special set up including candle that melts the chocolate as you add the milk and add further chocolate as you wish. My kids LOVE making their own hot chocolates this way. It is an experience not just a drink. You can choose from several different flavours of chocolate depending on your preferences. This lovely mountains property boasts a lovely deck to sit on and a small playground that the kids can play on as well as the opportunity to walk up to Echo point of you wanted to walk off some of that sugar. (Click here for more day trip inspiration in Katoomba)

#2 Ellie Belly’s Dessert Bar

In one of our chillier suburbs, Blackheath, the hot chocolate is only that much more Devine because of how much chillier it is. Like Blue Mountains Chocolate Company, Ellie Bellies offer you the option of melting your own hot chocolate in a variety of different flavours, which is a bit of extra fun for everyone.  There are light food options and an upstairs area with some board games if you wish to retreat from the cold a bit longer. Or, if you are wishing to head back out into the cold you could venture to one of Blackheath’s playgrounds, all located a short drive away. Memorial Park, Jubilee Park, Neate park.

#3 Josophans Chocolate

Located in Leura Mall, Josophans chocolate has a reputation that is well deserved, it is delicious chocolate. The deliciousness translates really well into their hot chocolates. There is some outdoor seating that you can sit and enjoy, you can takeaway while you stroll the mall, or venture to a local playground or look out (Click here to see some day trip options for Leura).

#4 Rust and Timber

Located in Lawson Village, this small coffee shop specialises in 2 things- Coffee and Chocolate. So it is no surprise that their hot chocolates are Amazing.  They have several flavours to choose from and you can also buy their hot chocolate to take home and re-create yourself. There is no seating at this cafe, but that is no problem because Lawson Village has some beautiful outdoor spaces that you can sit and enjoy your hot chocolate, including a delightful music park that all 4 of my kids continue to enjoy. (Click here for more day trip inspiration for Lawson) 

#5 Conservation Hut

Located alongside some of Wentworth Falls most Beautiful scenery and bush walks, is this sweet restaurant. Picture sitting on a balcony overlooking the bush and wildlife OR sitting inside infant of their large statement fireplace, while sipping your hot chocolate….Bliss. The hot chocolates themselves may not have alot of boasting potential, though you can request whipped cream on top, which is a yes from most of my children, but its the atmosphere that makes this spot so special. You could add in a bushwalk before of after, and I encourage you to dress for it just in case because you will likely feel quite inspired to take a little walk

#6 Lovebites Cafe

Another Wentworth Falls destination, this cafe is located in the Village. They offer small and large hot chocolates because they are a family centred cafe and they Get It! You can enjoy your hot chocolate inside their cozy cafe, outside where they have a small playground for the the kids, or you could take away and go visit one of the playgrounds located a short walk/drive. (Click here for more day trip information including playgrounds)

#7 Sorelles

This lovely cafe in Blaxland offer Hot Chocolates made with Zokoko chocolate, which is indeed delicious. The most wonderful part of enjoying Hot Chocolate here at Sorelles is the adjacent Playground for young children. They often have chalk and bubbles as well, helping to make getting out with the kids that bit easier. (Click here for details about Outrim Playground)

#8 Wayzgoose Cafe

Wayzgoose is as quirky as it sounds. Located on Leura Mall and a lovely spot to stop for a refreshment while shopping. They offer child size as well as Adult size Hot Chocolates with an option for marshmallows- I cannot see my children declining this. There is cosy indoor seating or a small outdoor garden area. Some drawing and a little library will occupy the kids while you wait for your delicious drinks to arrive. (Click Here for further Leura Day trip Inspiration)

#9 2773 Cafe

Renowned for being a family friendly place to eat, with its playground and cubby houses out the back, 2773 in Glenbrook will also make you a delicious hot chocolate, with the option of whipped cream on top. You could enjoy your hot chocolate at a table near the play equipment, or you could get takeaway and head over to Glenbrook playground (Click here for information about the playground) . Honestly either option is Fun.

#10 Milk Bar

My final choice is the Milk bar at ‘The Lookout’ Echo Point. While I will admit we usually venture here for Icecream and choose the Blue Mountains Chocolate Shop for our hot chocolates, if you are looking for a takeaway option of hot chocolate that you could enjoy while looking at the 3 sisters or strolling along one of the short boardwalks, the Milk Bar does have you covered. There is also some lovely balcony seating that you can sit and enjoy the view of the valley while you sip your hot chocolates, doesn’t that sound glorious. (click here for further inspiration about day trips in Katoomba).

As always, I hope that is helpful. May it inspire you in simple ways you can get out and enjoy the Blue Mountains with your family.

Let me know if I have missed a Hot Chocolate Destination that is worth sharing.

Much Love,

Rachel xxx


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