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As a midwife I am sorry.

By Breastfeeding, Fourth Trimester
As a Midwife I am sorry.


When Breastfeeding Awareness weeks are shared on social platforms, I am always so aware that many women may feel triggered by all the sharing around breastfeeding.

Triggered because maybe you tried and feel like you did not meet the feeding objectives you had.

Triggered because you may be wounded by your breastfeeding journey.

Triggered because of how frustrating the misalignment of promotion vs support felt for you.

As a midwife I want to say…. I am Sorry for my part in this. It is not your fault. Read More

To the Mother who wanted to Breastfeed but Couldn’t

By Real life, Breastfeeding

To the Mother who wanted to Breastfeed but Couldn’t

Over the years I have encountered four main types of mothers when it come to feeding. There are some that choose to breastfeed and do so successfully; there are some who would prefer to breastfeed but are okay if it doesn’t work out; there are others who have simply chosen not to breastfeed; and then there are those who desperately wanted to but it just didn’t happen. I wanted to take a moment to speak to this last group of people—the ones that wanted to but couldn’t—because I really feel for you right now. Read More