Fourth Trimester

Let’s talk about Sex: Part 3- Mental Obstacles

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Here is the final installment of what I hope has been a helpful series. I have to admit, it’s not exactly comfortable getting so vulnerable with this topic, but I want Out of the Nest to be a place where we can lift the lid on some of these difficult issues. We’ve looked at the physical obstacles, we’ve looked at the social obstacles, and in this last post, I want to look at the mental obstacles. Read More

Let’s talk about Sex- Part 2: Social Obstacles

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In my last post, I started to list some of the physical obstacles to enjoying sex after you have had kids. Today I want to continue that theme, highlighting some of the social obstacles. I mentioned last time Dr. Rosie King. I listened to a webinar of hers last year and she said something that really stuck with me: 55% of women need the context to be just right before being able to enjoy sex.
55%! That’s over half of us, ladies. Read More