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My Obstetric Trauma

By | Miscarriage and Infant Loss, Maternity, Womens Health
TRIGGER WARNING… This blog details part of my own obstetric trauma, which may be triggering for anyone who has had their own traumatic experience


My Story:

Pregnant with my 4th child I found myself incredibly anxious about the upcoming birth.I wasn’t just a bit nervous; I was anxious and frightened in a way I had never been before.I had had 3 births that were quite wonderful. I had never had a fear around birth before, in fact I found the whole experience amazing! Yet here I was having small anxiety attacks about birthing my daughter.

What had happened?

I had had a traumatic miscarriage experience several months before this pregnancy and it changed me. Read More

Motherhood- Powerful in the Menial

By | Family, Home Life, Mum life
Anyone else feel completely lost in the day to day ordinary tasks sometimes? The constant cooking, cleaning and answering of questions.

It can feel menial can’t it? ‘Menial’ meaning; not requiring much skill and lacking prestige. It may feel that way, but Motherhood is very powerful.Reading this passage made me feel re-inspired by my role of Mother and the power in its expression in the day to day, so I wanted to share. Read More

Are you ready for Winter?

By | Family, Home Life

Winter is Upon us…Are you ready?

Are you ready to keep warm?

Are you ready for cold and flu season? While I don’t wish to speak sickness over my family,I do want to be ready should it sneak into our home. These are just some ideas that I do as well as ideas that I wish I did 🙂

Not making recommendation of products or brands here, merely things to think about and look into should you be inspired to.

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Birthday Parties in the Park

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Hosting a birthday Party in the park can be a great idea.

While no birthday party is without a bit of work, hosting in a park can feel easier as there is no one messing up your home and there is already space and play equipment.

Finding a park that suits hosting a party is probably the hardest part, so I thought I could help by listing my favourites for group gatherings.

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