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Getting ‘Out of the Nest’ is often easier said than done right?

My heart is to make it easier for you. So, I have created some Day trip guides for some of the suburbs in the Blue Mountains.

I have based these guides loosely on:

Places to PLAY, EAT, WALK, SHOP and any additional extra activities. Ill also give a brief of a day trip plan that I particularly like based on my family of 4 (11,8,6 and 3).

I will link to as much as I can and add as many helpful insights as I know of.

If you have additional insight/ideas, please do let me know. I can add them in for the benefit of everyone.

Lets look at….



Lovebites Cafe. Family fun cafe, that reflects their desire to facilitate making getting out with kids possible for parents. A gorgeous new play area and gelato cart is sure to help you make this a success. Located in the main village, just across from the station.

Grandview Hotel. There is a small playroom off the main restaurant to keep your children entertained, just across the highway from the station and main village.

Conservation Hut. This cafe does not have all the bells and whistles of the above two to make it child friendly, but it is spacious and accessible with bathrooms and a large balcony looking over the valley. Its particular appeal is that it is right next to some beautiful bush walks. So if you need bathroom stops and a place to get something to eat or drink before or after a walk- this is a great spot.

Mountains Pies. While this is not necessarily a destination for kids, it is an open accessible space with bathrooms/changerooms and lots of pastries. We like to get some takeaway pies to take with to the lake sometimes.


Wentworth Falls Lake. This really has to be one of our favourite destinations in the mountains. The lake in itself is just lovely, 2 playgrounds including the iconic pirate ship. Reserve to picnic, paths to ride on, ducks to observe and short walks to meander through. In summer you can dip your feet in the water or if you are that kind of family, bring a kayak and venture out onto the water.

Wilson Park. Across the highway from the village is another lovely park. Room to run around, trees to explore. You can grab a coffee from the village before heading over for a play. It is also the gateway to Charles Darwin walk (currently closed due to damage)


Wentworth Falls Lake. As mentioned there are short walks you can do around the lake. You can go the whole way around the lake too if you wish, it does take you up into some residential streets though, it is not a waterside walk the whole way around.

Charles Darwin Walk. Currently closed- look here for updates.

Queen Victoria Lookout Just off Conservation Hut, you can venture down a path and stairs to this beautiful look out. You can, if you have children that are a bit older do the full walk to Empress Falls, which will take you up to 2hrs. But even the walk to the lookout is really lovely.


Good Earth Bookshop. This gorgeous space houses a mixture of new and old books, as well as games and gifts.

Blue Mountains Makers. Is just as it sounds, a space filled with products made by our blue mountains local creatives.

Grow & Co. This store on the Main Street is a children’s boutique with lots of high quality, eco friendly toys.



Storytime is run at Good Earth Bookstore on Thursday Mornings 0930-10 during school terms, often with a craft to follow.

Wentworth Falls Library– A small library, located just further up from the village. The beautiful old building is such a lovely vibe.

My favourite plan.

As always I can’t pick one. So I am going to give you two.

1/ Catching the train into the village, because catching the train in just makes the whole day more exciting for the kids right? (Train timetable here). We would plan to walk over to the lake, a 10-15 minute walk from the village. Depending on the time, we would potentially stop at Lovebites for a coffee first and maybe some morning tea/early lunch. We could spend a good long time at the Lake so Id likely pack a picnic lunch or otherwise we might grab some hot chips from the takeaway store OR some delicious pretzels from the German bakery, on our way. After a play and wander around the lake, we could head back to get a Gelato at Love bites if it is Fri-sun, and maybe indulge in a quick look in Good Earth Book shop, before heading home on the train.

2/ If we were wanting a more involved bushwalk, we would park at Conservation hut and walk to Queen Victoria Lookout or Empress Falls, then treat ourselveswith a bite to eat at Conservation Hut. It is such a relaxing place to sit and take in the view after a walk.


I hope this is helpful. Let me know if it is.

For more Day trip Inspiration CLICK HERE


Rachel xo


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I am Mum to 3 little ones, aged 6,3 and almost 1, Wife to my high school crush, Midwife at our local hospital and Creator of 'Out of the Nest'. I hope more than anything to do all these things well and maybe empower and encourage others along the way. Though its quite the juggling act, and balls do drop ALOT, so I am happy to talk about that too. xx

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