A place to dine and play.

As parents we hunt for a place with a playroom don’t we?

The Grand View Hotel in Wentworth Falls has all the facilities you would expect at a hotel. Good menu, bar, beer garden. But as a parent what you want is a place to entertain the children. This beautiful building is located on the highway in Wentworth Falls and boasts a play room on the side of the dining room where children can play.

You can’t see the playroom very well from dining table as it is in a separate room, so you may want to sit close. It has books, toys and a ball pit so lots for

the kids to do.

For More Info: www.grandviewhotel.com


Icon Childs Menu

Kids Menu

Icon Play Area

Indoor play area

Icon High Chair

High chair


174 Great Western Highway, Wentworth Falls, NSW

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