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Getting ‘Out of the Nest’ is often easier said than done right?

My heart is to make it easier for you. So, I have created some Day trip guides for some of the suburbs in the Blue Mountains.

I have based these guides loosely on:

Places to PLAY, EAT, WALK, SHOP and any additional extra activities. Ill also give a brief of a day trip plan that I particularly like based on my family of 4(11,8,6 and 3)

I will link to as much as I can and add as many helpful insights as I know of.

If you have additional insight/ideas, please do let me know. I can add them in for the benefit of everyone.

Lets look at….



Black Cockatoo Bakery- If you live in the mountains you have likely heard of black cockatoo bread and baked goods, they distribute across the mountains to various restaurants and cafes. But you can come straight to the source here in Lawson, come taste what the hype is about.

Rust and Timber– Family run cafe that we love. Grab a delicious coffee, babycino and maybe a chocolate froggy treat.

Lawson bakery/cake shop- Located at end of the strip of shops, has a sandwich bar, pastries and cakes and a little eating area on the balcony that a great place to sit and eat.

Along the strip of Lawson shops there are several other restaurant options that you can check out including a pub on the corner.


Musical Playground- A humble structure of climbing and bells, right next to the shops.

Queens Road Playground– Just a short walk from the shops, a fenced playground at the end of beautiful walk down Honour Avenue.

Wilson Park– Located next to the pools, Wilson park also has a little creek, a waterfall, and our famous Australia shaped rock.

Heatherbrae- A beautiful home filled with toys, open during the week for families to come and be supported in play, located next to the shops.

bush play


Honour Avenue- is not a bushwalk, rather a lovely opportunity to stroll and observe plants and trees. Potentially on your way from the shops to Queens park.

3 Waterfalls– this is a popular walk for families, and you can do the full loop, or just visit one waterfall.

Lawson Dog Park– It is more than a dog park though, apart from the large enclosed area for off leash dogs, there is a lovely long path- great for bikes that winds through the reserve and a small nature park to play in, as well as access to see one of the waterfalls.



Lyttleton’s- Is a gorgeous space where you will find organic food, alongside a bookstore and gift shop. The vibe is simply beautiful. There is a little kids corner and a display of children’s books to choose from.


Lawson Pools- Open over the warmer seasons only, lawson has 3 pools including a baby pool and a small play area. Located right next to Wilson Park

Lawson Library- Just across the highway from the shops, Lawson library is a very small library but even so, the children’s section is sufficient and always delivers.

My Favourite Plan:

The great thing about Lawson is that most things are fairly close. Again it is hard to choose one, so I am going to give you 2 scenarios.

1/ During the week, with my younger kids I enjoy catching the train in- time table here- the train station is right near the shops, so you can walk up and grab a coffee from rust and timber then go sit at the Musical park, head into heather brae where you may be offered some fruit toast or home made pizza if you are there at the right time. After a good play in all the toy rooms, I might stroll down Honour Avenue- just a street away from Lawson Village shops, to Queens park OR stroll under the highway tunnel to visit the library and Lyttletons. Maybe grab some lunch at the bakery before catching the train back home.

2/ A Day at the pool, followed by a play at Wilson park, exploring the waterways, marvelling at the big Australia rock and relaxing by the waterfall with a picnic and an ice cream from the pool Kiosk- Of course.


I hope this is helpful. Let me know if it is.

For More Day Trip inspiration CLICK HERE.


Rachel xo


Author Rachel

I am Mum to 3 little ones, aged 6,3 and almost 1, Wife to my high school crush, Midwife at our local hospital and Creator of 'Out of the Nest'. I hope more than anything to do all these things well and maybe empower and encourage others along the way. Though its quite the juggling act, and balls do drop ALOT, so I am happy to talk about that too. xx

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