A huge open space including dog park and nature playground

What was once a golf course has transformed into a beautiful multi purpose space.  Hidden at the back of South Lawson, you will find a beautiful open space designed to accomodate various needs and interests. In the centre is an enclosed off leash dog park, with a blend of open space, bush and play equipment for furry friends. The grounds also have a long winding path running around the perimeter, perfect for bikes or scooters and pram walks with friends. There are small and larger bushwalks that lead off the main path so you can choose to indulge in further exploring should you feel inspired. There is also a nature playground with large stones, logs, sand and hanging chimes to play. Simple but full of potential for imagination and in in view of the dog park so if your kids love to watch dogs- you will surely get a glimpse of a few of those too. You will likely pass Lawson shops on your way in, so you can always grab a coffee and something from the bakery on your way in if that makes the trip that bit more exciting.


48/78 Wilson Rd, Lawson

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