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Welcome to our forever loved wall

As you move down this page you will see many families honouring the existence of the sweet babies they carried.

These Babies may have been lost early in pregnancy, late in pregnancy, stillborn or newborn.

For some Babies lost early in Pregnancy, there is nothing tangible to honour that they were here, and for the time we carried them how much they stole our hearts and our life’s course.

My hope for this page is that those who have lost a baby, could have a place to honour their memory of them, and that as a community we can honour that ’They Were Here’.

I would be honoured to inscribe your Baby on our Wall. To do so Click here.

If you have experienced a pregnancy loss Click Here for more information and Support.


Baby of Adam & Rachel White

We knew of you for such a short time but your memory stays with us always. It was a great Joy to know of you and a deep grief to lose you. You were much longed for and deeply missed.

Love Rachel, Adam & Sophia

June 2014

Baby of Adam and Rachel White

Losing you, our precious baby was heartbreaking. You will forever be longed for and missed. We take comfort in knowing you are in heaven with your other siblings, though desperately wish you were here with us. xx

Love Mum, Dad, Sophia, Alexander and Sebastian


Baby of Adam and Rachel White

You were the first Baby we fell in love with. The impact of your arrival in our lives will never be forgotten and the loss of you forever felt. You were long hoped for and very loved.

Love Mum & Dad

Aug 2009

Bo Armstrong

I only carried you in my womb for a short time, but I’ll carry you in my heart forever.

Love Jonathan & Elyse

May 2017


Tina Baby of Tina

You were the baby I knew I couldn’t have – my heart wept. You would be 29. Never ever forgotten

Baby of Baby Ryker “Sasquatch”

It was a very short time, but you’ll forever be apart of us. We love you “baby Sasquatch!”

Love Austin and Allie Ryker


Baby of Baldacchino

Always with us

Love Sarah & Richard

Nov 2016

Baby of Beck

To our youngest bubba, born sleeping, our hearts ache for you

Love Beck family


Baby of Binnie

Love Mandy & Matt


Laylah Bryan

Your broken heart broke ours. 15 weeks of growing but loving and missing you forever

Love Tracey, Michael, Charlotte and Harrison


Grace – Diana Buchtmann

Love Chloe and Joshua buchtmann



Baby of Chavez

Goodbye my little Christmas Bug. We will miss your hugs and your big sister still asks for you. You will be missed but always in our hearts xxoo

Love Henry and Lisa


Baby of Chavez

Goodbye little one. Play with your sibling and cousin ok. We miss you.

Love Henry and Lisa and sister Victoria


Susannah Chavez

You told me your name before I even knew about you. You were gone too soon my little rose. Xxoo

Love Chavez

4 Jan 2023

Baby Wave Chavez

Your big sister named you Wave. She misses you. We miss you. Daddy, mummy, big sister and big brother.

Love Chavez


Baby of Clarkson

Forever loved xx Until we meet again

Love Elise, Rob & Oskar

Nov 6 2018

Baby of Clarkson

Little star, oh how we miss you xx

Love Elise, Rob & Oskar

29 June 19

Jeremy Clifton

So little, yet so loved

Love Matthew and Angela Clifton

3rd July 2

Sunny Clifton

You are my Sunshine

Love Matthew and Angela Clifton


Andrea Clifton

I will always wonder who you might have been

Love Matthew and Angela Clifton


Andrew Coggins

I’m sorry your mumma never got to hold you. But you were loved.


Oliver Coleman

Forever loved & forever missed, we are so thankful for our time with you, and every chance we get, we visit your special place, Oliver’s Rest, in Spain 💛 love you, little mate.

Love Mamá & Papá



Baby of Daily

We were so excited about you we were picking names making a baby registry for almost a month. Then 2 days ago we found out you had no growth you were only measuring at 6 weeks and 5 days when you were suppose to be 9 weeks. I am so sorry this happened

Love Samantha & Brandon


My darling

Oh how I miss you x


Baby Doran

Loved from the beginning

Love Matthew and Lee Doran

1989 Nov

Luke Doran

Loved forever

Love Matthew ,Lee , Kya and Amber Doran


Baby Doran

Loved forever

Love Matthew, Lee, Kya and Amber Doran


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Lukas Paul Laurence Forth

Always loved, never forgotten

Love Jeni, Chris, Elana, Sean, Oscar and Sam


Baby of Fraser

Love Baby of Emily and Amanda Fraser

April 2019

Roo Frost

The time I shared with you will forever be the most beautiful 12 weeks of my life. I will never forgot you. Thank you for giving me a little bit of magic. I will never forget you.



Emby Gregson

We love you forever and miss you always



Baby of Hanly

Love Romi & Dom


Juliet Hope Heki

You were the greatest surprise and a fighter from the start. We love you so much and our hearts hurt that we never got to hold you. Your siblings and Mommy and Daddy miss you so much princess. We will miss you until we can all be together again.

Love Aubrey, Daniel, Chris, Riley, Logan and Jack


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Baby Jamieson

The mind can never forget how our hearts broke.. Always loved til we meet again some day x

Love Krystal jamieson

Nov 2012

Baby Jamieson

Our hearts sank knowing we would never meet.. always in our hearts xx

Love Krystal jamieson

Jan 2018

Lotus Jane

A moment in my Belly, a Lifetime in my Heart, Love Mom

Love Mara (Mom)


Ben Jensen

Forever in our hearts xox

Love Alison & Tim


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Léa Grace Lock

Flesh of my flesh, surrendered in love and pain

Love (Enemark) Lock family


Evie bella rose Lotty

My winter bear

O2 may 201


Mason James McKay

We had just got to know you and fallen deeply in love with you when you grew your angel wings so unexpectedly at 16 weeks. Mummy and Daddy miss you and love you so much baby boy 💙

Love Emily & Mitch


Sam McKay

To our first little love 💚 Although you were unexpected and I was quite young, you were the best news I had ever received and the most wanted and loved little bean! Mummy and Daddy love you and miss you everyday xx

Love Emily & Mitch

July 2014

Baby McKay

Our 3rd little bean safe and sound with your siblings 💛

Love Emily & Mitch

July 2017

Baby of Montgomery

We will love your little soul forever.

Love Mummy, Daddy and your sister


Baby Montgomery

You were so unexpected and so soon, but daddy and I loved every second with you. I cherish your memory and that little heartbeat for the rest of our lives. Watch over your daddy and I. We love you till the end of earth💞

Love Mommy and Daddy’s Angel Forever


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Nina O’Callaghan

We were so excited to learn of you, and made big changes to accommodate you, and forever feel your presence. Forever loved


Mila Oxley

It breaks my heart that I never got to meet you! But you will always be my baby and I will love you forever!



Baby of Paul Family

Loved always. X


James Petzel

Always loved

Evangeline Poppell

I wish more than anything else that you were still here with us. Your big sister was so excited for you! We love you sweet girl!

Love Your parents Trinity and Payton, and your big sister Rosemary


Grace Hannah Provost

You will always be in our hearts. We look forward to meeting you for the first time when you will be perfect and whole! We wish it could be sooner but could never deny you being with Jesus. Love, Dad and Mom

Love Larry & Lori Provost


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Baby W

We only knew of you growing for a week and then you became an angel

Love Chris and Joanna W


James W

To our little angel baby, my heart breaks knowing I couldn’t save you, 15 weeks of growing you…of loving you and imagining your future. We will love you forever our baby boy 💙

Love Chris and Joanna W


Baby Wells

Our favourite what-if

Dec 2021

Twins Wulff


Emby Wulff


Baby Wulff


Tiny Wulff


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