Birthday Parties in the Park

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Hosting a birthday Party in the park can be a great idea.

While no birthday party is without a bit of work, hosting in a park can feel easier as there is no one messing up your home and there is already space and play equipment.

Finding a park that suits hosting a party is probably the hardest part, so I thought I could help by listing my favourites for group gatherings.

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Playgroups in the Blue Mountains

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If you are like many other parents, 2020 may have left you feeling a bit disconnected.

There are many groups running in the Blue Mountains to help you find people to connect with, and I thought I could help you navigate your options.

There are groups for homeschoolers, home birthers, cloth nappy lovers, budding musicians, story lovers and also groups for dads.

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Guidance and support from a local Kindy teacher.

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I am one of the many mums sending a child off to kindergarten this year. It is a strange time for all of us to be supporting our children and each other with these big grow up moments.. I am blessed to have a few beautiful teacher friends in my world, so I thought I would ask one of them a few questions and publish them here for you. To hopefully give us all a bit of support and encouragement.
Sarah Allison is the Wycliffe Hope school Coordinator at Wycliffe Christian School, a new program where education for children with extra challenges is met. A beautiful teacher with a beautiful heart!
I hope this helps some of you.

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