Complimentary therapies like those listed below can be incredibly beneficial to a mother and baby. Take a look at what might be a great addition to your families care.


Accupuncture can give much relief and strength with consideration to many  aspects of health including Fertility, pregnancy, postpartum another area of womens health.

Kathryn Taylor: on facebook @ KathrynTaylorAcupuncture

Keely Edwards:

Sarah Hodgkinson:

Angie Savva:

Ruth Mayroz:



Chiropractic support can help relieve pain, restore function and regain optimal health in many areas of maternal and pediatric health.

Nigel Stafford:

Laurelle & Mark:

Leanne Jenkins:

Matt Windsor:



A Naturopath can help you with a plan to nourish your body for the journey that is Motherhood. Including assistance with healing, relieving symptoms and building strength.

Jane Hutchens:

Caroline Mouthaan:

Michelle Beech:

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