A Playground and a Bistro

You can sit outside or inside and watch the kids play. A beautiful spot in the grounds of Springwood Gold course where you can enjoy a coffee or a family meal and let the kids run and play in the play area. It is fully fenced with the option to sit inside the enclosure or retreat to the balcony overlooking the play area. If you have a pram you may need to walk around the back of the building as the playground is accessed via stairs if you go through the building, but there is plenty of space for a few prams to be parked should you be in the company of a few little children. There are all the trimmings you would expect of a country club,  a lovely space sit and enjoy a meal.

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Icon Pram Friendly

Pram friendly


Fenced Area

Icon High Chair

High Chairs


84 Hawkesbury Rd, Springwood

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