Swimming in the Blue Mountains

When you live in Australia, swimming comes with the territory.

Swimming Lessons:

Whether you are looking to get in the pool with your young infant for some water fun, encourage water confidence in your children or prepare them to swim competitively- there is a class to suit you.

Swimming lessons are run at local Council Swimming Pools- Glenbrook, Springwood, Lawson (in season) and Katoomba. CLICK HERE and you will find a contact number for the pool local to you so that you can enquire about the various swimming lessons available.

Swim club:

If you are looking for a swim club for you and the kids to join, click below to find out more information.

Glenbrook and Springwood- Lower Blue Mountains Swimming Club

Lawson- lawson.swimming. club- facebook page

Katoomba- .katoomba.swimming.club facebook page

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