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Chaya Tidd

Chaya is a mum of 3 living in the Lower Blue Mountains. Recently finishing her degree as a Nutritionist BHs Food and Nutrition, she has hit the ground running with her passion to share all that she knows with our Blue Mountains Community. You can find out more about Chaya and the services she offers @ and follow her on Facebook and Instagram @bodytruthnutrition for regular inspiration and education for yourself and your family.

woman- freedom

How to Simplify Diets and find some Freedom

By Inspiration, Health
What every woman should know about food and health. You CAN find joy!

This blog is for all those women who are just overwhelmed and confused with food advice. I’m writing this because working out what ‘being healthy‘ means, when there is just so much advice out there can be enough to send a woman into a state of imbalance. In so many ways.

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