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Active Kids

By Blue Mountains Experience, Inspiration

Looking for Blue Mountains Active Kids activities? Take a look here…
We are fortunate to have the government helping us to get our kids active by offering us active kids vouchers. It is then the decision on where to invest those vouchers? I thought I would try to make the search a little easier by finding as many activities as I could and putting them in one place for you.

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55 Playgrounds in the Blue Mountains

By Out with Children, Blue Mountains Experience

Did you know there are 55 Playgrounds in the Blue Mountains?

Some are good, some are O.k, some need some work. But with 55 to explore you are sure to find one that you and the kids can enjoy.

To make it easier for you I have grouped the playgrounds geographically, so you can find one close to you. I have also included photos of each playground, maps on how to get there and a key that lists information about the playgrounds so you know what facilities they have (toilets, fencing, shade etc).

Click below to search playgrounds near you.

I have also included a blog with my top 10 favourite Blue Mountains Playgrounds for those who just want to skip to the good ones.

Happy exploring!

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Visiting the Blue Mountains?

By Out with Children, Blue Mountains Experience, Supporting Blue Mountains


We are glad to have you here and trust that you will enjoy this beautiful part of the world whether from overseas, interstate or just off the mountain.

This website exists for families in the Blue Mountains, to highlight places, services and events that are family friendly.

As a visitor it will serve you too, if you are looking for where to go with your young family.

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