Why Oh Why? DirtMum #3

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Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. ~ Winston Churchill~

Have you been down the garden path before and felt discouraged when it didn’t thrive or when some of your plants died or went straight to seed? Did the pests eat your harvest and birds take more than their fair share? Do you want to scale back and have an easier system to manage?

Don’t give up! Let’s work through a few common issues that gardeners have and how we can encourage you to give it another grow! Read More

woman- freedom

How to Simplify Diets and find some Freedom

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What every woman should know about food and health. You CAN find joy!

This blog is for all those women who are just overwhelmed and confused with food advice. I’m writing this because working out what ‘being healthy‘ means, when there is just so much advice out there can be enough to send a woman into a state of imbalance. In so many ways.

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Fathers Day Lucky Dip

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Fathers Day is fast approaching. Some of you may be done and dusted, others….still struggling for inspiration.

I am trying something a little different this year for my husband. He is one of those men that really does have all he needs/wants and when he needs/wants something new he will just go and get it. Meaning gift buying can be a little hard.

This year we are creating a Lucky Dip for him, with various items.

Throughout the day at regular intervals the kids will help him pull out a gift to unwrap, creating a day filled with gift giving and reminders of why we love and honour him.

I did a Lucky Dip for my Mothers birthday last year and found it worked really well. My mother enjoyed the excitement of new little discoveries and the kids got SO excited about giving her gifts all day.

Of course to keep this cost effective, the idea is that the gifts are small and fairly inexpensive, and for my husband…fairly practical.

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Let’s Talk. Nurturing Healthy Communication

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Let’s talk. Nurturing Healthy Communication.

As parents, we are responsible to create and nurture a healthy culture of communication in our homes. Children are mini-mirrors of what we do, what we say, what we permit and what we protect. Home and family lay vital foundations for future patterns of healthy (or otherwise) communication. Read More