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The Power of an Intuitive Friend

By isolation, Real life, Inspiration

I’m not sure about you, but over the years when I have had hard seasons and find myself in a very overwhelmed state, I wonder if anyone even notices that I am drowning. I wonder why they haven’t noticed how stressed I am, why they haven’t checked in with me, why they haven’t offered some help or at least some encouragement. Read More

Autumn Bucket List

By Family, Blue Mountains Experience, Inspiration

Autumn is my favourite season!

The cool after the relentless heat of summer is balm to my soul. The golds, reds and yellows, the softer sunlight and the promise of the pleasures of winter are all things to be delighted in! But then I do like any season change, it reminds me that not everything lasts forever, a cue to relish the gifts of today, and also a reminder that the seasons will come round again and we do get second chances. Read More