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If you have not been to Lawson lately…You are missing out.

Lawson has become quite the destination. It really is such a lovely little town, and better yet it has a few things going on for families with children.

We are fortunate enough to live quite close to Lawson so we visit often, and I thought it might inspire some of you if I took you through what an affordable day trip to Lawson could look like for you and your family. Maybe it is just me, but I kinda like looking at how people spend their time as a family…I am always needing inspiration

This blog is written about a visit that we did without a car, so everything is walking distance from the station. I don’t know about your kids, but mine quite like a train trip- we could just go on the train and back and it would totally make their day! So with all these little destinations so close to Lawson train station, the train trip is a great fun and affordable addition to the trip. Taking the train in the Blue Mountains is often difficult though isn’t it, because…no lifts. Sadly Lawson is not the exception. So Babywearing is generally easier for us when we do this, but I had planned to walk back home instead of catch the train so on this occasion the pram was necessary. There are some Lovely city rail staff that always help me with my pram on the stairs, as well as friendly bi-standers, so you can try your luck with the pram too. Click here for a look at train timetables.


Once off the train, you can stroll down through the tunnel under the highway and walk up to the shops very easily. The tunnel acoustics are particularly enjoyable for my kids…so long as there aren’t other people walking through with us- I don’t mind them giving a few ‘echo’s’

There are quite a few places to get coffee and something to eat, and I don’t think you can go wrong- all are pretty good. For us though Rust and Timber Chocolate bar is where we always go with the kids. This little coffee shop is run by locals, who have themselves raised 4 children in this community and know the value of a family friendly cafe. They have created a very cosy and friendly environment, very welcoming of children, boxes of toys to entertain the kids, a little library, outdoor area with more room. It is a great place to come and get a coffee and something light to eat. It has become one of our kids favourite places to have a baby chino.

One thing that business’ cannot pretend they have- is the honest welcome of children, you can feel it if your children are becoming disruptive or annoying to others, am I right? There is no pretend atmosphere here, your children are genuinely welcome…Love that!

For directions and some more info click here.

Then with a take away coffee in hand we head over to the Music Park.

Just around the back of the shops, across the road on the corner. (For directions, a little video and more photos…click here)It doesn’t look like much but my kids love it. A wooden structure great for climbing all over and a round platform with bells on it that can be dinged and donged by stepping on the button. Amuses the kids for long enough that I get to finish my hot coffee- yay. I also packed a little picnic lunch so we sit here on the grassy area and have a snack. There is also a ping pong table across the road for the public to use- my kids are too young to enjoy it but if your kids are a bit older they may love a bit of outdoor ping pong.

Right next to the music park is a hidden gem for families of young children…Heatherbrae. It is a little hub of support in a beautiful old building. Rooms and gardens filled with Toys- a childs dream. My kids love the car rollercoaster out the back and all the wooden toys on the shelves inside. You will most likely be offered tea or coffee when you arrive and if you are around at lunch time you will most likely be fed a nice hot lunch……whaaaat- did I just say that- yes I did. So it’s a mothers dream as well. It is a great destination when you need to get out of the house for a bit, especially in wet or cold weather when you need to be indoors. Great place to connect with other families, find out about other services and events and they offer other programs and resources that you are encouraged to take advantage of.

Today though the weather is glorious so we play out in the garden mostly. Cars, sandpit, hide and seek.

Comfy chairs to sit and feed your baby, cosy nooks in every room. They also offer a toy borrowing program…which my kids love, today we left with a big toy Lion. Interesting choice (always is) but it makes leaving a whole lot easier if we get to take a little toy with us.

If you live in the mid mountains and have not stopped by, you simply must. Click here for a map and more information.

Because it is a glorious day and I don’t live too far away I decided to walk home. If you are visiting in Autumn, it is worth a little stroll with the pram around the peripheral streets as they are stunning this time of year. One of our favourite places to walk is down Honour Avenue. There is a path running down the middle of the landing strip that starts at the war memorial opposite the exit to the trains station. It is such a pretty path, and in Autumn it is at its finest. Lots of leaves to collect, kick and throw about. We simply walk down, stop for a little leaf fight (who could resist) and then enjoyed the walk back.

Then we walked on home. Well…I walked on home with 2 in the pram. But feeling good. Low cost day out costing me no more than a train ride, a coffee (or 2) and baby chino. Packing my own lunch and tapping into the local free facilities makes it a very doable, guilt free day. My boys had a great day, sometimes the simple fun is the best don’t you think.

 I managed to make it home in time to do school pick up, then collapse on the lounge from the walk home. But you do have to love those endorphins from walking home. Bub slept on the way home which was the plan, and actually escaped any big melt downs from my 3 yr old- almost stunned at this, maybe stomping on bells, kicking leaves and adopting a Lion got all the right energy in balance. At any rate, a success.

A great little town to visit for the day, so I hope It inspires you. 🙂


If you have a car there are a few other places in Lawson you might wish to check out:

Queens St Playground

Wilson Park Playground


Lawson Bushwalk

And if you are a local looking for a playgroup check out:

Local Playgroups




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