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Yes… it is happening.

It is indeed almost the end of January.

No more denying it, school is almost back.

Some of you might even be getting ready for school, preschool, daycare for the first time. Exciting and Scary.

I have an excited little girl going into Year 1, and an almost excited little boy starting at preschool, So I am starting to get into the zone and thought I would create and share a checklist.

Maybe it might help some…and if I have missed anything please let me know!!!

For the School Bag:

School Bag. (we purchase the school one for our daughter last year. My son has a smaller pre-school bag with his name on it that will hold up again this year)

Lunchbox. I do like to have a variety of different sizes depending on what I am packing. Love Bento boxes in all the different configurations.

Drink Bottle. These were in the Santa sack this year- insulated drink bottles.

Cooler Bag and Ice brick. In summer I do use the cooler bag for my daughters food to keep fresh and cool. My son has a fridge for storage at preschool though, so not needed for him.

Lunch Order bag. I bought a re-useable fair trade lunch order bag last year. Perfect for those last minute…I have no bread

Library Bag. Some schools have one with their logo, but any bag that fits a book works for us.

Bag tag. Because we use the school bag, as many other children do- we put a bag tag/key rings so we know which one is hers. If you want your child to remember when it is Kiss and Drop day/ Afterschool care day you can put a keyring on to prompt that too.

Change of underwear/clothes and a wet bag. I packed this last year for kindy, but fortunately didn’t need it. It definitely goes into my sons preschool bag though change of clothes and underwear- labelled.

Sunscreen. I try to be good at this, but I’m not. During the hot weather I am better at applying before school. But sending a roll on sunscreen in the school bag means sometimes it will re-applied if prompted.

Hand Sanitiser. This is often used more before and after school I think but it is where it is kept.

Tissues. I put a small packet in the bag, only replaced it once last year though.

Hat. We have the school hat for my daughter. Also our Preschool give the kids their hat at the beginning of the year.

Jumper. Living in the mountains, I feel like it pretty much lives in the bag when it isn’t being worn or washed.

Pencil case and Stationary for school. We are given a guide for what items are needed in the classroom, so check if your school has the same- each grade slightly differs in what is required. But A pretty pencil case is a non-negotiable for my daughter.

Coin purse for school. How trustworthy is your child with a few coins at the canteen….up to you to decide. I generally keep a few dollars in the coin purse just in case. Sometimes it gets used ‘inappropriately’ (an extra treat Tuesday treat perhaps) But there was that one time I just forgot to pack lunch….so, it gives me peace of mind knowing it is there.


Shoes and Socks: For school- I do like a good school shoe, the tradition of going to shop for them is one I treasure having growing up. For preschool, I just make sure that we have a comfortable shoe that can be worn day in day out. Fortunately this year we are covered- no need for new ones yet.

Summer Uniform: Ideally these are already hanging up in the closet, or at least stuffed in a bag somewhere. If not- definitely time to get moving on that. 🙂 I also like to have Jumper/jacket in both my school and pre-school bag (as listed above in the school bag), the summer uniform often needs to be layered up so I like this to be ready.


I presume the further into schooling you get as a parent, labelling things becomes less of a focus. I already feel like I am labelling less this year than last.

But I do try to label all clothes….especially jumpers, jackets, hats…they seriously do go missing.

Lunchboxes and drink bottles…also get left in the playground more than you think.


Haircuts– for the kids of course. But then while you are there, book yourself in for yours- now that the kids are back.

Allocate Space… for school bag and for school notes/certificates to show off- we have a clip on the fridge. I still need to clear off all of last year’s stuff.


School app– our school has an app that newsletters and notifications are sent through. Check if your school has one.

Check to see if there has been a Newsletter sent out already.

Join School Facebook Page if they have one.

Dojo app– your school might also participate in Dojo. It’s a good tool to communicate with teachers and watch progress- check with your school/ new teacher if they use it.

Now while I would like to say that I am all organised for next week, this is far from true. I have lots to do. But putting together my list is the first step right?

Goodluck to all!


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