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Autumn is a season of slowing down, savoring, and being more fully present in our everyday. As nature slows down and prepares for deep rest, it gives us permission to do so too. Simple things become moments of joy and as we relish cooler weather and the onset of cosy textures, tastes and smells. There is a contentment to be found as we slow and savor, realising the treasure in what we already have. There are so many things our family relishes during autumn, it really is a feast for the senses and definitely our favourite season. Here is some inspiration for you, i hope you enjoy all the glorious gifts of autumn!

“Autumn carries more gold in it’s pockets than any other season” Jim Bishop

“Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree” Emily Bronte

“Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go”


Autumn bucket list:


  • Pick your own apples Bilpin has several orchards to choose from
  • Make apple pie or apple crumble from scratch
    • Buy sunflowers
    • Fill bud vases with autumnal coloured blooms, or dried natives can do this beautifully too.
      • Go to the zoo – we do this in autumn because Taronga is so difficult to navigate in the heat, but the shows are not always on in winter. I shoukdnt share this secret, but we always have a great time with less crowds in winter. And its not so cold that you cant take front seat at the seal show!
      • Enjoy an Autumn beach sunset

  • Visit a Blue Mountains garden for a walk or picnic! We love Mt Wilson, Mt Tomah, Wildwood Garden and Everglades at Leura.
  • Autumn leaf  scavenger hunt drive – create your own tick a box or bingo sheet if you want to really get creative! See how many colours or shapes you can find. Visit Blackheath or wentworth falls lake for guaranteed autumn glory!
  • Kick/play/fight in or with a pile of beautiful leaves.
    • Autumn craft! Leaf rubbing, or shadow tracing in the late afternoon are amongst our favourites, as are leaf collages, but google is your friend for autumn leaf craft!
    • Create an Autumn leaf mobile to hang – we collect leaves, use our laminator to protect them, holepunch them and then hang them with coloured wool on a branch we have found. Finding a new branch for each years autumn mobile has become a fun tradition.
    • Yarn wrapping a stick or branch of leaves and use as decor.

  • Try a new stew, slow cooker or soup recipe.
  • Teach the kids how to cook soup, chopping food and learning knife skills are an important learning opportunity.
  • Take your soup to a friend or neighbour in need
  • Drink hot chocolate, try a peppermint, orange or chai one!
    • Donate food/blankets to a charity in anticipation of winter needs.

  • Toast marshmallows on an open fire
    • Jump in muddy puddles with and without gumboots on. It’s not that cold yet!
    • Buy a pair of crazy socks!
    • You know that jumper or cardi you have that you never wear in public but is your favourite, most comfortable, warm and comforting thing you have? Wear it with pride!
    • Decorate for autumn – get extra throws, cushions, candles out to cozy up your favourite space. If you really want to cosy up, get out a long strand of warm white fairy lights and pop them up to use with lamplight as the skies darken over. It’s worth the effort to see the enchantment on your kids faces I promise.
  • Fill your home with autumn scents using essential oils in a diffuser, or simmer some citrus and spices on the stove to create autumnal heaven. I love orange, lemon and ginger together in the diffuser during the day, orange, clove and cinnamon for afternoons and mulled wine full of orange, cinnamon, apple and clove on the stovetop for a special night in. 😉
    • And i’m sure no-one needs reminding to get their ugg boots on!

Author Gillian

Gillian is a mother of 3 with her husband Dave. She has an amazing 'Mother Earth' vibe about her- homeschooling her little family, she is passionate about nurturing them creatively in all aspects of life.... and she is absolutely Nailing it I think. B.C (before children) she worked in child and family counselling and child protection- so you could say she has always had a heart beat for enhancing the experience of family, and she is incredibly creative with how she engages with her kids. Follow her in instagram at @gatheringgoldmoments to be inspired by her and how she does will not be disappointed.

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