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Now that the weather is cooling down a bit, it is perfect time to do some outdoor exploring. This is one of the best things about our children growing up in the Blue Mountains- having such a beautiful outdoors to explore!

Where are the best bush walks to go on with your young ones? Glad you asked!
Bushtrackers have done some wonderful work at finding and mapping out some of the best bush walks for families. Better yet they have created illustrated maps that you can print out to make the adventure even more fun for your kids!

In our Neighbourhood section of the website I have listed them in Lower, Mid and Upper Mountains sections to help you find a walk close to where you are. I strongly encourage you to look through and find a walk you and your family might enjoy!

Click Below to check out some of the mapped out walks near to you.


Lower Mountains Bush walks

-Inclusive of Lapstone to Faulconbridge


Mid Mountains Bush walks

-Inclusive of Linden to Bullaburra


Upper Mountains Bush walks

-Inclusive of Wentworth Falls to Mt Victoria


I would love to hear about the Bushwalks you have enjoyed and Why. If there are bush walks we have listed please do let me know!

Happy Exploring!!!


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