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You can buy lunchboxes, support a local mum in business AND get a discount doing it. Win, win, win!!!

Here I have listed some Tupperware options for lunchboxes and how to purchase through a local consultant.

Why Tupperware?

Growing up I remember my Mum getting very excited about Tupperware. I remember her hosting Tupperware parties and it was one of the first things she bought me when I moved out.

When I started creating my own sense of home I soon become in love with Tupperware myself. I was the person you could always count on to buy something at your Tupperware party and potentially host one for you too so you could get the benefits.

I haven’t always bought Tupperware lunchboxes exclusively, but I do love that they are BPA free, they store easily in my cupboard, they are backed by life-time warranty and well I do love the colours.


What Tupperware options are there for my kids?

These are just some of the main options Tupperware has for your kids- babies to older kids (and parents).

Link to Catalogue below


Hot Food On-The-Go Set

Homemade on the go! Pack your food for optimal freshness when you are out and about with the Hot Food On-The-Go Set. You’ll love your leftovers when you re-heat and eat them straight from the bowl. The liquid-tight seal features a silicone microwave steam vent for even heating. Use the handy snap together fork, knife or spoon attached to the cover to eat your meal. Perfect for lunch at school, gym or the office.

Set I 1.5L I 19 x 12cm
Cutlery I 16 x 2cm


Large Divided Lunch Box

Break up with plastic wrap for good with the Large Divided Lunch Box which features handy dividers for easy portioning and separation of food. Large tabs on seals for easy opening. Three compartments allow for a main meal (sandwich, wrap or roll), fruit or veg and a second snack (biscuits, boiled egg, tuna, etc). Perfect for healthy lunches at work or simple snacking on the go.

1L I 25 x 5 x 15cm


At Lunch Box

Home-made on the go! Pack your food for optimal freshness when you are out and about with the At Lunch Box. Featuring an adaptable multi position divider to protect your food on two separated levels, this lunchbox accommodates all types of food. Use the divider a shelf to fit a large sandwich below and protect it from other snacks above. You can also fold one side of the divider under and snap in place, leaving a deeper space for an apple, a pot of yoghurt, or small drink. ‘Smart’ and discreet, the At Lunch Box is neat to carry and particularly pleasant to eat from. Perfect to take to the office, workplace or university.

22 x 15 x 8cm


Bento Box Skylight

The perfect container for taking your food on the go. Removable and adjustable divider allows easy portioning and separation of food. The liquid-tight seal with large tabs is easy to open, keeps food fresh and stops even the sauciest dishes from leaking into backpacks and bags. Designed especially for kids’ meals, the Bento Box is great for adults, too.

Also available in Purple.

Skylight I 21 x 13 x 3cm


Sandwich Keeper

Break up with plastic wrap for good with the Sandwich Keeper range. This hinged one-piece container is square shaped and perfectly sized to keep your sandwiches fresh and smush-free, and is high enough to cater for hearty sized breads and filled sandwiches. Simple, compact design with softly curved edges and easy to open and close tab keeps your sandwich secure and easily slipsinto your briefcase, handbag or kids backpack.

Also available in a pink and red combination. NOTE: There is an amazing special on these sandwich keepers CLICK HERE to view specials.

Set of 2
Aruba and Cornflower
13 x 15 x 5cm


Oyster Trio

Homemade on the go! Pack your food for optimal freshness when you are out and about with the versatile and practical Oyster Trio. Each Oyster in this set of 3 has a one piece design that opens easily and closes securely. The smaller Oysters easily fit into the largest Oyster and can be tucked inside or used individually. Ideal for lunches and snacks, use them to carry, store and organize a variety of food and non-food items.

Green I 10 x 8 x 5cm
Orange I 13 x 11 x 5cm
Blue I 22 x 12 x 7cm


Toddler Feeding Set

This set is perfect for keeping foods separated with its liquid-tight cover and divider. A handy fork and spoon set clicks into the top of the cover so you’ll never have trouble locating them in the bottom of the baby bag. A must-have for busy parents

1 x Covered Container, 400ml, L 22 W 17.5 H 4.5
1 x Fork & Spoon Set, L 16


Let’s Eat Set

Small containers are always useful with snacking preschoolers. The Round Snack Cups feature liquid tight Seals for wet foods. The Square Away Containers are large enough for sandwiches, wraps, crackers and veggie sticks. The kids will love the cute features of the Lion and Bear Bottles that are easy to grip.

2 x Animal Eco Bottles I 350ml I 8 x 15cm
2 x Square Away Containers I 450ml I 14 x 13 x 4cm
2 x Snack Cups I 150ml I 7 x 6cm


Solid Start Set

First foods are required in tiny portions. Make and create individual portions for home and on-the-go feeding, a perfect solution for busy mums and dads.

Set of 4 I 110ml
6 x 6 x 7cm


Unicorn Insulated Lunch Bag

Pack some fun into meal time and send them to school with a tasty lunch inside this whimsical Unicorn Insulated Lunch bag. Featuring an adjustable strap with shoulder padding, this bag keeps your lunch at an optimal temperature. Made from 100% polyester with easy to close zipper.

10 x 21 x 28cm


Sport Bottle Gumdrop

A refreshing solution for your active, on-the-go lifestyle, this unique Sports Bottle features a removable container that you can unscrew to stow personal items such as keys, money and other small items or use it as a handy snack container. Contoured shape is easy to grip and the pull up sports sipper is ideal for quick hydration delivering a stream of liquid with just a gentle squeeze. Fits in most cup holders in cars, bikes and exercise equipment. Available in Gumdrop or Skylight colours.

415ml I 21 x 6cm


Gen II Eco Bottle 500ml

With its slim design and sleek and elegant look, you’ll be taking this versatile bottle everywhere you go. The ergonomic design allows you to easily grip the bottle and hold it securely while pouring. The flip cap is easy to open, especially when on the go. The Easy Drink Cap was specially developed to allow you to easily drink directly from the bottle, while the wide neck opening allows for easy filling and cleaning or to add ice cubes. Lightweight and leak proof, this set of 4 x 500ml Gen II Eco Bottles are small enough to tuck in a tote bag or backpack. Comes in translucent colours – cornflower, auruba, dream and watermelon.

Set of 4 I 7 x 21cm


Straw Tumbler

The Grow With Me Straw Tumbler is an ideal on-the-go beverage solution for older babies and toddlers. The slider on the Cap is easy for little hands to use, and houses a flexible straw that is soft on baby’s mouth. When closed, the Tumbler is liquid tight and can be safely transported in the handbag, nappy bag or backpack. When open, the flow of liquid is restricted thanks to the one-way valve, thereby reducing the amount of liquid that can accidentally spill from the container.Suitable for children from 6 months.

350ml I 7 x16cm
Cleaning Brish I 15cm l


Something there for everyone and the various configurations required for each child.

CLICK HERE to look at the Catalogue.

If you order through Jackey and spend more that $100 she will give you 10% off your order. YAY for saving money. Just mention the code MUMMA10 so Jackey knows that you are responding to the promotion via Out of the Nest.

I know Jackey would be more than happy to chat to you about what products might serve you best and has a facebook page so you can stay in the loop any deals that come up, so definitely CLICK HERE to follow along at JACKEY’S TUPPERWARE BLUE MOUNTAINS.

To make a purchase or enquiry you can contact Jackey via her Facebook page above, email to or mobile 0416949989

(This post is not sponsored and there is no benefit for me in sharing this. I do care about supporting local businesses and making shopping easier for you where ever I can).


Blessings, Rachel xx


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